The Firm


People who know us say that we have changed the local legal scene somewhat since the year 2006, when we started working for English-speaking clients on the Costa de la Luz. The values and principles that drove us to join forces and set up our business back then still set us apart today.

We have always targeted international clients, and we have always striven to create a leading firm in this field- a firm that is young, adaptable, dynamic and fully committed to honesty and excellence when defending clients’ interests.

We have been a stand-apart firm from the outset thanks to our modern and sophisticated management system that allows us to communicate directly with clients, and our team of professionals with a solid training background who embrace the challenges involved in providing legal services to multinational clients. Our team ensure a personable and transparent service and we are your best allies in the area, guaranteeing that you get the most out of your local experience.

In conclusion, we are a small firm with a local heart and global mind, and we base ourselves on being dynamic and distinguished.