Practice Areas


Estate planning and inheritance agreements are vital in minimising the harsh taxation that is usually applied to estates of a significant amount. Our services in this field become even more beneficial when the client’s assets are in another country or in different countries. In such cases of transnational inheritance, expert advice on the different inheritance systems and the principles of conflict between EU and national law, which determine whether one set of norms or another apply, is essential.

Our firm’s services focus on estate and tax planning during the transferor’s lifetime, which is when the appropriate legal systems for the amount and type of assets being transferred can be established most efficiently. If the planning does not take place during the transferor’s lifetime, we come up with the strategy that will most benefit the beneficiaries, advising them on the tax exemptions and discounts available, depending on the territory in which the assets and people are based.

We also provide services in the field of estate settlement and allocation of estate assets, whether they are amicable cases or disputes, and we arrange all of the documentation even if this needs to be compiled or issued abroad, thanks to a large network of international collaborating firms who make this possible.

Our clients are usually from different countries with medium-sized or family-owned businesses and have an intermediate wealth that is subject to potentially heavy taxation.