Practice Areas


Given that many of our clients are international, right from the outset we have specialised in tax advice for this type of client, assisting them in their property or other type of investments in Spain. In this field, we focus particularly on tax analysis and planning for foreign individuals and companies who are residents in Spain and for Spanish citizens or companies who are residents abroad, with a view to reducing heavy taxation by using the legal systems available. We also see to it that our clients honour their tax obligations by preparing their tax returns and that double taxation avoidance agreements are applied, even going so far as to request a refund of taxes paid erroneously abroad.

In terms of wealth tax and family-owned businesses, we advise on how to achieve the right legal structuring, and it should be noted that our firm specializes in family office asset management to gain maximum tax efficiency when passing wealth down through the generations.

As well as the above services, we have acquired intensive knowledge on International Taxation applied to International Commerce and the Internationalization of Companies, and the tax laws applicable to export subsidies, customs procedures, dispute resolution and tax litigation.