Privacy Policy

1. General Information:

In accordance with section 10 of Act 34/2002, 11th July, on Information Society Services and E-Commerce, please find below the company’s information:

Name: TempleCAMBRIA (hereinafter TC) is a trademark owned by Juan Antonio Rodríguez García. It is currently in the process of being incorporated as a limited liability company and registered in the Companies Registry.

Fiscal Identification Number/Code: 52922922Z
Address: Virgen de la Luz street, corner with Poniente street. 11140, Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain)
Telephone Number: (0034) 956 44 01 72

The company’s activities are subject to the Estatuto General de la Abogacía (lawyer’s regulations), the Código Deontológico de la Abogacía Española (code of ethics) and the Estatuto Particular de Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Cádiz (specific regulations for the Cádiz Bar Association).
Unless agreed otherwise, the fees for our services will be subject to the Practicing Fees of the Cádiz Bar Association established as a guideline.

2. Legal terms and conditions:

Access to this site and any of the subsections, and to the contents therein, is subject to the following general terms and conditions and any specific conditions established in each section. On accessing and/or using of the contents of this website it is assumed that you are fully aware of and wholly accept such terms and conditions.

The user undertakes to properly use the website in accordance with the Law and this Disclaimer and not to engage in activities that could be considered illicit or illegal. The user shall be responsible for any damages and losses affecting the rights and interests of TC or of third parties as a result of a breach of this obligation.

Any access to the website does not place TC under the obligation of checking the veracity, accuracy, exactness, exhaustiveness and current relevance of the information provided herein. The website contents are general and do not constitute any legal, tax or other advice and the user should not therefore use the information as the basis for any personal or business decisions.

TC does not accept responsibility for any decisions taken based on the information provided in the website or for any damages or losses that the user or third parties suffer due to taking actions solely based on said information.
The USER shall be the sole party responsible for any violations that he/she commits or any damages that he/she causes by using the website, as well as for any actions taken based on the information provided herein. TC shall be exempt from any responsibility in relation to use of the service by the user.

As regards the information contained herein, in particular the legal services section, the user must be aware that on account of continuous changes to legislation, the content may not always be up-to-date, despite our best efforts. TC reserves the right to freely amend, update or add to the website content, or to decide not to do so.

3. Personal data protection:

In accordance with Act 15/1999, 13th December, on Personal Data Protection, TC hereby informs the users of this site that no personal data will be requested or registered herethrough.

4. Intellectual property:

TC hereby owns the intellectual property rights over the texts contained herein, as well as over the structure, graphic design and codes, unless other ownership is specified. Likewise, any trade names, trademarks or other logos contained herein are protected by law.

The website content must therefore not be reproduced, marketed, transformed, distributed and disclosed to the public by any means, except for personal and private use, and the same applies to the design and layout thereof. To do so, express authorisation must be received from TC, and explicit reference must be made to the fact that TC owns the aforementioned intellectual property rights.

The user also acknowledges that any information that he/she accesses through the website may be protected by industrial, intellectual or other property rights and that TC accepts no responsibility for any violation of such rights committed by the user

5. Links to contents and services

On accessing the website, the user will find links, directories and even search engines that will allow him/her to access other web pages and sites (hereinafter, Linked Sites). In such cases, TC acts as the intermediary, in accordance with section 17 of Act 34/2002, 12th July, on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSI in Spanish) and shall only be responsible for the content and services provided on the Linked Sites insofar as it has been effectively aware of any illegality and has not deactivated the link with all due diligence. Should the user think that a Linked Site contains illicit or inappropriate content, he/she can notify TC, although in no case will TC be under the obligation of removing the link in question.

The existence of Linked Sites does not presuppose the existence of agreements with the parties responsible for or the owners of those sites, or that TC recommends, promotes or identifies with the statements, content or services provided.
TC does not know the content and services contained in the Linked Sites and therefore accepts no responsibility for damages caused by the illicit nature, quality, obsoleteness, unavailability, inaccuracy or irrelevance thereof, or for any other damages that cannot be directly attributed to TC.

6. Miscellaneous

A.-TC does not use cookies that are stored on the computer. Cookies are small files that our computer sends to yours, but which do not provide any information about your name or any other personal data. When the user browses through TC’s web pages the server automatically recognises your computer’s IP address, the day and time browsing started and finished, and information about the different sections viewed. The server needs to know this information to communicate and send the request and so that the browser can display the information.

B.- TC is free to change the information contained on its website and the layout and design without notice.

C.- TC undertakes NOT TO ENGAGE IN MISLEADING ADVERTISING. To this end, misleading advertising will not include  formal or numerical errors throughout the contents of the TC website sections due to incomplete or poor maintenance and/or updating of the information. Consequently, TC undertakes to rectify such errors as soon as it has knowledge of them.

D.- TC undertakes NOT TO SEND ADVERTISING CORRESPONDENCE WITHOUT IDENTIFYING IT AS SUCH, in accordance with Act 34/2002 on Information Society Services and E-Commerce. Advertising correspondence will not include any information sent to TC clients as long as it is aimed at maintaining the contractual relationship between TC and the client and for the purposes of informing, training and other activities included in the service hired.

E.- TC does not accept responsibility for breaches of any applicable regulation that the user commits while accessing the website and using the information contained herein.

F.- TC shall not be liable for damages of any kind that are caused or may be caused by the use of information or content of this website and any integrated programs. The links and hypertext that provide access through the website to services provided by third parties are not owned or controlled by TC, and this company accepts no responsibility for said information, or any consequences resulting from said information.

G.- TC is not responsible for any illegitimate use that third parties make of trade names, product names and trademarks not owned by this company but which appear on the website. Neither is TC responsible for the integrity, veracity and legality of the content of links to websites that can be accessed from this website.

H.- Ultimately, the user is responsible for his/her use of the services, content, links and hypertext included on this website.