Practice Areas


Our lawyers specialise in the settlement of trade disputes via international arbitration processes. Our team boasts an in-depth knowledge of the different legal systems involved in this type of dispute, having participated in numerous international and multilingual proceedings, both inside and outside Europe, involving different jurisdictions or seats of arbitration. We have defended our clients at the most important seats of arbitration in the world, including London, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, The Hague, Lisbon and Madrid.

Our services in this field include:

  • Arbitration before the arbitration institutions CIADI, CCI, LCIA and AAA, and in ad hoc arbitration proceedings subject to the UNCITRAL arbitration rules, as well as in proceedings not subject to them.
  • Advice and preventive action in trade disputes and assistance in negotiation, mediation and expert evidence
  • Advice on the most suitable arbitration institutions for the client, drafting arbitration clauses and designing ADR programs.
  • Appointment of arbitrators and representation and defence during the arbitration proceedings.
  • Recognition, enforcement and annulment of foreign arbitral awards.