Practice Areas


Our firm’s lawyers work with the client’s economic interest in mind, and so we employ preventive practices to avoid litigation. We give our clients expert advice so they can sidestep any ‘problems’. When such problems cannot be avoided, we equip the client with the best team of lawyers around to ensure that the client’s interests prevail over those of the other party.
Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of litigation and they keep up-to-date with the different forms of judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution that our legal system provides. Because we focus mainly on economic and practical issues, we always seek to avoid proceedings that might cause an unnecessary waste of time and money for our clients.
Given that we specialise in international clients who invest in our country or businesses that trade internationally, we are mainly experts on Civil, Administrative, Tax and Commercial Law. Having said that, our firm also has associates who can give you the best advice possible in other fields like Criminal and Labour Law.
Our team will be with you in your corner fighting for a successful outcome for you or your company, no matter how complex the case, ensuring that your assets or interests are fully safeguarded both here in Spain and in the international sphere.