Practice Areas


Criminal law is considered ‘ultima ratio legis’, or the weapon of last resort in the legal system for the most serious crimes against people and their assets. Our firm is highly specialised in defending individuals and companies whose proprietary rights have been violated. We analyse the problems and threats that our clients face and we come up with the best strategy to prevent such threats from materialising, or, once the crime has been committed, minimise the impact and bring the guilty parties to justice.

Some members of our firm particularly specialise in the criminal proceedings that are usually related to bankruptcy proceedings, having defended both sides, the debtor and the creditors.

With the reform of the Spanish Penal Code and important developments in relation to the criminal liability of companies in Spain, our firm has gone to great lengths to implement compliance policies in relation to our clients’ business activities, to avoid them or their employees committing offences due to their lack of knowledge on this subject.

Typical offences in this field include money laundering, in relation to the Tax Office or the Social Security Office, forgery of documents and intellectual or industrial property violations. In each of these areas, our team of professionals provides our clients with the best defence they can get.