Practice Areas


Our main goal is to make business and investments easier for our clients. For that reason we have always striven to acquire in-depth knowledge about the banking sector and financial instruments because these activities are what make our economy tick and allow investment and profit.

Due to specializing in transactions with international clients, we have gained extensive knowledge about the financial products and regulations in those markets. During our dealings with foreign clients and banks, we have advised on setting up guarantees for their investments, including chattel or real estate mortgages, pledges, assignment of receivables and bank guarantees or deposits, and we have managed complex financing and re-financing transactions. In this field, we have both set up and enforced guarantees to safeguard our clients’ interests, applying the extensive and ever-changing legislation in the Spanish financial system to ensure the effectiveness of the guarantee.

We take a professional approach to the finances of small investors who come to Spain, making sure that anyone who is here to buy a home or small business is fully aware of the bank’s terms and conditions and do not put their money into financial products ‘with a catch’ that could seriously harm their assets. We also ensure that our clients’ interests are protected during guarantee enforcement and that the bank does not take advantage of its position and infringe upon the client’s legitimate rights.