This Saturday, March 21, marks a week since the Council of Ministers decreed the state of alarm at the national level through Royal Decree 463/2020. Since that day, the Government and the different ministerial departments have made some modifications and orders have been published with new measures and indications.
Last Tuesday, March 17, after the Council meeting, Royal Decree 465/2020 was formulated, it included news of the state of alarm. This Saturday, March 21, the Government has published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) the different ministerial orders in relation to the state of alarm with urgent measures.
In this sense, citizens’ doubts are numerous. After a week in quarantine, what can and cannot be done?

Movement restrictions
The update of the Royal Decree of March 17 establishes that “during the validity of the state of alarm, people may only circulate along the roads or spaces for public use to carry out the following activities, which must be carried out individually, unless accompanied by people with disabilities, minors, the elderly, or for other just causes. ”
In this way, minors can accompany their parents to the supermarket, pharmacy or other activity considered necessary in the decree in the event that they are left alone in the family home.
On the other hand, you will not be able to go to public spaces such as beaches or community areas in urbanizations. These movements are restricted and only the following may be used:
• Purchase of food, medicine or other basic necessities.
• Doctor or hospital visits.
• Go to work. Return to the place of residence.
• Care for the elderly, minors, dependents, and people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.
• Visits to financial and insurance entities.
• Due to need situation.
• Movements of members of the diplomatic corps to exercise their functions.

Can I visit family or friends? And do sports?

You cannot take walks or sports on public roads. It is prohibited by this decree. Any mobility should be restricted to the previous exceptions; otherwise it may be punished with economic sanction or jail if there is resistance.
You cannot go visit your friends or family to make the quarantine more bearable if there is no need. You can only go in the case of elderly dependents, people with disabilities or who are especially vulnerable.
Regarding the celebration of weddings or funerals, if they can be celebrated but with conditions and maintaining all the sanitary protocols to avoid crowds.

Can I drive my partner to work?

According to the March 17 update of the Royal Decree, only individual travel is allowed both on foot and by vehicle for the activities described such as going to work and returning to the place of residence. Drivers cannot be accompanied by other people during the alarm state, except for the exceptions mentioned above.

Can I take my pet out? Standards with animals

The Government has emphasized that people who have dogs can take them out for a walk to cover their physiological needs but individually, never collectively and appealing to citizen responsibility.
This means that the duration of these walks, although there is no established norm, should be the usual one but close to your home. It is not allowed to go to the other area of your city to be able to go outside. Nor go two by two to walk the dog to keep company. You have to be aware and responsible.
In addition, they should prioritize times of less influx of people (such as at night) and have no contact with other animals or people.

What shops can I go to?

The state of alarm has decreed the closure of all bars and restaurants, but it is allowed to offer deliveries. Therefore, you can order food from home from all those who have it available. Venues that may remain open after updates to the decree include veterinary clinics.

On the other hand, hairdressing salons are no longer open to the public and those most vulnerable people who need their services may request it for home visits. In this way, the exceptions to the commercial closing will be the following:

• All ‘online’ sales, which may be regulated by the Minister of Transport.
• Food and beverage stores.
• Pharmacy.
• Optics and orthopedics.
• Medical and health establishments.
• Press kiosks and stationeries.
• Tobacconists.
• Gas stations.
• Technological and telecommunications equipment.
• Dry cleaners and laundries.
• Car rental locations but only for professional use or to return rented cars before March 19.
• Hairdressers may operate, but only on home visits.
• Pet food stores.
• Veterinary clinics.

Can I go to the workshop to repair my vehicle if necessary?

Regarding the opening of vehicle repair and maintenance workshops, Order TMA / 259/2020, of March 19, published this Friday, March 20 in the BOE, dictates the following:
“In order to guarantee the proper functioning of merchandise transport operations and ensure the necessary supply of products to the population, as well as the transport permitted in Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, opening is permitted of repair and maintenance workshops for motor vehicles, as well as related activity establishments for the sale of parts and accessories with direct sales to repair shops, but without opening to the general public. ”

Take out the rubbish
The municipal rubbish collection services continue to operate, so it is allowed to take out the rubbish since there is no public regulation or clarification in this regard. However, as with the rest, you must have all the necessary health precautions and go individually.

Can I get around by car to go to work? What about public transport?

At the moment if possible. One of the exceptions to movement and mobility restrictions is to use the necessary transportation for commuting to work and for the subsequent transfer to your habitual residence. Therefore, it will only be allowed in exposed cases such as going to work or to the doctor.
The BOE of this Saturday publishes new indications related to an eventual road closure. In this case, the Minister of the Interior may agree to close the circulation on highways for reasons of public health and would only allow the movement of vehicles for the distribution of medicines and sanitary material, food or roadside assistance services, and other essential .

From the order of the Ministry of Transport they have also indicated that the maximum number of people allowed in the cabin in transport of goods by road is limited to two when necessary by the type of transport.

What if I have an appointment at the doctor? I have to go?

“Each hospital is reorganizing its activity and will contact patients who have appointments,” sources from the Ministry of Health of Madrid said within 20 minutes. Therefore, you will have to wait for your health center to call you to know if you should go or not.
However, it is always advised that people who have to go to the hospital or health center do so individually or with a single companion if their autonomy does not allow it.

What will happen with the administrative procedures?

According to the Order of March 17, some administrative procedures such as the renewal of the DNI or the driving license are suspended in the event that it expires during the state of alarm and its validity is extended. They have also enabled the electronic headquarters and the telephone line for all the procedures related to the unemployment and the ERTES processing. It will not be necessary to go to offices.
However, this suspension does not apply to the payment of Social Security contributions or to tax deadlines such as the presentation of declarations or self-assessments. In this way, you will have to carry out the 2019 Income campaign within the established deadlines which start on April 1, 2020.


This information has been taken from articles published on the internet, compiled by Juan Antonio Rodríguez and translated by Bethan Trebilcock